The company was set up in 1945 by Amador Varas. In the beginning, production centred on the textile industry, pantographs and tools for tin can defects. Nevertheless, following the crisis in the textile industry in Catalonia in the 1970s, our founder decided to focus factory production on tools, complete dies and spare parts for the tin can manufacturing industry. The company started to expand into the rest of Spain thanks to the determined efforts of the second generation, made up of Jaume Varas and Franco Tamburrini, who increased brand recognition. Today, run by the third generation, Amador Varas, S.A. is a leader in the industry of manufacturing dies worldwide.

International scope

Located in Spain very close to the city of Barcelona and its major international El Prat airport, with excellent international connections to all its customers across the globe.


Our company’s philosophy has remained unchanged since it was first set up: technical experience, top-quality materials, technological excellence and ongoing customer service. We offer a comprehensive service to deliver effective, high-quality products.