In Amador Varas, S.A. we are constantly investing in new products and solutions for our customers with the focus firmly on quality.
State-of-the-art technology and our CAD, CAM and CAE three-dimensional design programs help our technical department design our tools effectively.
We have an extensive business area equipped with the latest CNC machines, from lathes to grinders and machining centres. The best jig, cylindrical and flat-surface boring machines ensure top precision in all our work. In addition, we have cutting-edge wire erosion and electrical discharge machines.
Our quality control department prepares a measurement report for every part produced to ensure tolerances match customers’ demands. Our customers invest in our brand as a synonym of quality.


Our technical department works on new materials, coatings and treatments to deliver the best results every time.
Today our aim is to reduce the thickness of tin cans and there is only one way to do so: by using the best high-speed steel, special coatings and excellent treatments, tungsten carbine pieces, and adapted designs with the best in precision.
Our top quality is possible thanks to the team and cutting-edge technology at Amador Varas, S.A.